Technical Considerations Before Choosing A Saas Application Provider

Should you commit to a SaaS vendor without knowing the features they are offering? One needs to consider several things before committing to one of them.

When building a SaaS application, one needs to consider several technical aspects to ensure meeting of customer expectations and business needs.

1: Multi-tenancy

The SaaS application must support multi-tenancy so that it is seamless to use with multiple developers working on it. It is frustrating to have one person at a time working on the application. The single tenant applications also pose security risk where one might tamper into the code of another tenant. One of the main reasons to select a SaaS platform is multi-tenancy.

2: Zero-downtime setup

One can get away with downtime if you are working with internal applications. Many providers would tell its users to deal with it, and they will have no choice absolutely. On a SaaS model, customers know that the downtime for a year can be measured in minutes. The responsibility rests on efficient system and networking teams. Developers might also cause downtime but that is a case when things are already planned for.

Third-party services are sometimes down with loss of functionality in some cases. There might be a downtime because of upgrades and patches or because the debugging process is on. Server restoration also eats up time. SaaS applications do not have backup time for downtime.

3: Whether to commit to a vendor

The ideal applications in a SaaS model will help you to easily scale your application especially if it is a cloud vendor. This part gives ample freedom and flexibility with vendors. If a VM is offered with other services, one can use them in this regard. Scaling is not trivial always, which means it would involve system administration to some extent.

One can use cloud frameworks such as Microsoft’s Windows Azure which can be automatically scaled up and offer geographical dispersion. But they tie you deeply to the vendor. They can be deployed locally with any type of vendor. But if the choice was not good at first, you will have to live with it unless you decide to rewrite the code.

4: Technical alignment with business

If an application is deployed in an organization, one need not worry about the technology. But for SaaS applications, one’s own business might create constraints for technical design. Resource usage is one such area. If the scaling process is not done at the same rate then one might have a big problem. Your application should be accurate in reporting the basis for metering when having an application for billing.

5: Scaling

Many applications do not scale well on some platforms. Not many platforms are designed to handle different scenarios like multi-tenancy and load balanced servers. These applications need to have a strong layer between data and application so that the data can be scaled up and down without affecting business logic and the presentation layer. Business logic should be provided with the help of APIs so that it enables connectivity between the systems of the partner and the customer. Not all applications will support these parts, but when developing SaaS applications, they are virtually mandatory.

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The Reasons behind SaaS and its Success

Delivery models are many and keep changing with times. With the cloud app development scenario, SaaS is getting huge importance as a delivery model.

Nowadays software-as-a service (SaaS) is one of the most prominent delivery models and most companies are vying to provide these services. It has achieved tremendous popularity as a successful model although there are many traditional software vendors who are still trying to avoid the wave.

With time, many companies have conceded using cloud services and have started adopting the technology. Almost all types of solutions, especially Customer Relationship management systems, accounting systems, Marketing systems and specialized project management systems are now SaaS based.

Here are some of the reasons why SaaS is successful and expected to carry the success in the near future:

Vendors’ Responsibility: The Software vendor is responsible for the management of the software as well as the hardware options. The vendor has to check on data redundancy, backup and recovery and the like. The software upgrade is to be done regularly in specific periods.

Ownership: The charges of a SaaS model are set according to the price per user per month and hence the firms need not pay extra money for any of the modules which are not used by them. One has to take care of the maintenance and overall administration costs involved with the software. SaaS implementation and customization involves less costs than that of traditional software along with a low TCO

Scalability: SaaS offers magnificent scalability for using the said software. One is free to use a part or full software for your own purposes. The program access is easy and economical.

Regular Upgrading: The regular upgrades of the software are essential to amalgamate new features. The users need not put much effort in upgrade of the applications.

Easy Access: SaaS-modelled applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world with a web connection and a web browser. This provides users to access the application from home or even on the go from their own smartphone. The accessibility is of real time nature and is synchronized across applications located in Laptops and smartphones.

The SaaS model is much more advantageous than any other software delivery model because it does not have any overheads and promotes faster deployment of applications. One can easily grasp the essence of each application located in any SaaS system in the world in a trice.

SaaS includes predictable costs and one can set one’s own infrastructure budget as per one’s needs. One can stick to any budget and then scale the resources up and down as and when required. No charges are levied for emergency security patches while there are no compatibility issues whatsoever here.

SaaS has been largely instrumental for helping companies to get rid of the losses and survive the recession. Many companies preferred a SaaS implementation for controlling on costs as well as expenses. Many companies provide custom SaaS application development services and leverage their industry expertise in the true sense. SaaS model can be integrated with existing applications and can be made accessible. The deployment is hugely simplistic while the acquisition costs are very much down. The approach of “pay as you go” subscription licensing model helps companies to plan on regular costs.

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The Advantage of Hiring Web Developers

Hiringweb developers is tricky since it is difficult to assess their expertise at the outset.

Every company in web development is bent upon highlighting the benefits but one needs to be extremely conscious and alert while picking and choosing a web developer. One needs to keep a hundred things in mind before opting for a web developer or a team of web developers to get some tasks done.

Web developers are known to complete several automation tasks and rely on a particular engagement model for completing their tasks. Many other professionals are experts in internet marketing entities including search engines, automation, rankings and web accessibility etc. Every company in web development domain tries to convince its audience to convey that they have the best services in town. Hence, it becomes difficult for a client to judge whether it should opt for a particular company or not.

One wrong decision in choosing the web development provider for revamping your website might prove to be costly in the end. Not every web development company that is out there has a worthy team to fulfill all the development tasks with precision. Every client has specific business requirements which they need to accomplish through automated applications. One can try out with mini-projects for a specific time. One has to work on the demands and spend more money depending on the needs. In short, a dynamic website is always more expensive rather than a static website.

Service provider companies provide different testimonials of existing clients. One can go through a list of web development companies and check if they provide services similar to the nature of a company that you need. A section on testimonials always will give an idea about the projects that the company has completed. Additionally, one should also check if the site is updated with their latest skills and hiring of new developers since that would mean that the company is growing on a steady note.

The team that handles a software development project should include web developers who are adept in what they do. They should be adept in the latest technologies and have the ability to have a keen mind to help you to get to the next level. The web developers need to be sure of what they do and the way they handle issues in an assured manner. The budget is also a concern here. A fixed price engagement can get over the top since requests might come after a certain point of time too. It is necessary to have the clauses in place or opt for a time and material engagement model. The technologies that the provider is offering should be aligned to the needs too. It is good to have a web development company offering web development services in multiple technologies.

Additionally, since some companies opt to cross-verify the information of the vendor’s site, it is good to call up their clients straight about the nature of services rendered by the vendor and confirm about the credibility of the services. Their satisfaction would mean a lot in giving you an assurance about the credibility of the company and their expertise. The stature and credibility of such vendors is a huge boost to your faith too.

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The World of Software-as-a-Service Options is increasing steadily

SaaS has encapsulated the IT industry in a short period of time and has made a distinct impact in delivery methods.

Cloud computing is method of computing which relies on shared resources which are all available on demand, just like it is available for people from the electricity grid. This delivery model for IT services is extremely popular and since recession looms large any time during these volatile economic conditions, SaaS is the way to go for many enterprises. The resources are dynamically scalable and virtual which are available online. The physical infrastructure is not available to the client since the resources are rented by a third-party provider. The services are available for consumption as and when needed.

PaaS refers to platform-as-a-service which refers to the storage and hosting which is delivered online as a chargeable service. Hence developers find development and deployment of apps easy since they do not have to worry about the cost and complexity of the procurement and management of hardware, middleware and software. Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure, and the like are examples of PaaS.

Cloud infrastructure services are sometimes referred to as IaaS where the entire infrastructure, is provided as a service without having to procure and configure servers or any other equipment. The entire service is referred to as utility computing and the entire consumption of services show the activity. IaaS refers to virtual servers which are entirely leased by providers like Amazon and Rackspace.

Here are some of the types of SaaS solutions:

Business Utility SaaS includes apps like Salesforce automation which are used by many companies for data collection and management. The applications also help in managing collaboration and actionable analysis. CRM and HR portals are examples of these business utilities.

Social Networking SaaS includes social networking apps like the immensely popular Facebook as means of sharing information, photos and the like.

Some Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions are created different from each other. One needs to study the PaaS solutions before choosing the platform which suits one’s needs. The most famous platforms are Amazon Web Services and Rackspace. One can upload software stack traditionally and then run applications on the entire infrastructure. Some of the most popular web application platforms include Google Apps which offers multiple and useful functionalities for developers to build services based on mapping, calendar and even the dynamic spreadsheets.

Business Application Platforms including WOLF provides a big layer of abstraction and aligned towards transactional business applications like workflows and online databases. Analysts can develop complex business applications with a custom UI with lesser technical effort and low maintenance.

Now here are some of the general types of IaaS solutions. Cloud IaaS providers deliver various types of services including:

  • Storage Computing

  • Testing and Development of Apps

  • High Performance-based Computing

  • Resource Sharing and Virtualization

There are public clouds and there are community clouds. Public clouds are those clouds which deliver resources on a self-service basis online. These services are efficiently delivered by third-party providers who share their resources on a utility computing basis. A community cloud on the other hand by organizations who are interested in similar things and requirements and also willing to share their resources.

Then there are hybrid clouds which are extremely popular. The organizations always choose to leverage their existing investments in their own infrastructure. Furthermore, many companies prefer to have critical data under their own hood for enhanced security.

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High Demand of Web Development Services in Western Countries

Many western countries require offshore software development and web development providers. An offshore web development company with ample experience and expertise is the need of the hour.

Most western companies are interested in offshore web development providers who can provide quality and affordable services related to E-Commerce Solutions, content management and portal solutions. They are required to create custom Web services too based on the requirements of various clients across the globe. Along with development services, companies ask for customization and deployment services too.

Many offshore companies provide custom web development services at affordable rates but the expertise varies from company to company. It is necessary for companies to make use of emerging web technologies with optimum effect. These companies take up web design, web development, content writing and SEO projects and charge reasonable for the services. Most software development companies are doing well with the outsourced work in.

It is important for vendors to have satisfied clients in different countries to make the right impression. The most successful web development projects around the world have been completed by those who have been in the industry for long. It is important for clients to look out for vendors who are experienced and are experts in web development. The cost effectiveness of their services including designing and development is also important.

With the changing business and technological scenario, one needs to strategize and rethink their business along with the intended customers. The collaboration and communication levels have changed drastically with the advent of the mobile technologies. Most companies have hence become catalysts of change and promoted web development through the mobile medium. It is also being seen that mobile app development has taken precedence over traditional development of desktop applications although web development in the form of mobile version of websites continue to dominate the arena.

Companies in western countries need result-oriented development teams which comprise of competent consultants, creative designers, adept developers, smart SEO Experts, dynamic content writers and marketing professionals to achieve success. Most web development vendors require their own offshore centers to fulfill their clients’ objectives. Extensive customer support is also required to deliver complete client satisfaction.

Most apps created as part of the development process are mission-critical and hence vendors are required to deliver the design on time and within budget. Even though there is a lot of different between the strategies opted by companies for delivering turnkey web solutions, it is important to opt for companies who are willing to walk the extra mile.

The websites should be unique and eye-catching, and designed with sense of perfection with the latest web designing tools thus allowing clients to represent themselves in the global arena with pride and vigour.

Ideas need to be changed to reality while also following the all-important ISO Standards. The companies should have a technical goal of providing robust solutions for diverse industries and for multiple clients.

Reputed web development companies now even opt for cloud computing solutions and web hosting services. The new players in the tech arena are keen to lower operational costs and infrastructure costs for their clients since both expertise and costs matter a lot during these recession times.

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The Subscription business model and SaaS solutions

The subscription business model has become very popular over the years with SaaS implementations taking over the IT world.

In a typical subscription business model, a customer must pay the relevant subscription price to for making use of the product/service. This model is popular in various IT companies as a mode of delivery and was first pioneered by several tech magazines and newspapers. SaaS is now used by many businesses and websites.

A subscription business sells periodic use to the user and gives access to a product or service for the stipulated period only. It can also include sale of tickets which allows the user to view an entire season. The subscription model dwells on a recurring sale so that it can create strong brand loyalty. Users are tracked in both scenarios: when they subscribe and when they unsubscribe.

Renewal of a subscription is mostly on a periodic basis and hence most of them are recharged automatically. Most users deduct a pre-authorized charge to a checking account or a payment card to pay up for the subscription. In the US, recurring card charges need to be issued to the user before 10 days of each charge.

The subscription model is used in websites by the name of freemium model, where content is provided free, but there are restricted premium features which can be accessed only by paying subscribers. The subscriber-only content is said to have closed access.

Businesses benefit through the model since the revenue is predictable and constant from subscribed individuals. This reduces uncertainty and even makes the enterprise risk-free. It allows all types of customers to get greatly attached a specific service. One can extend the mutual agreement for a further time period after the current agreement expires.

In most of the integrated software solutions, the subscription pricing structure revolves around recurring subscriptions which provide much more revenue than simple one-time purchases. In some subscription schemes, most subscribers are not given the choice to accept or reject an issue. Customer acquisition costs are reduced then, which also allows for personalized marketing. Most software companies create systems which can manage and track subscriptions.

A vendor knows the currently active members who are interested in their product or service. A subscription involves an agreement which facilitates better customer service. Alternatively, some benefits can be gained through greater customer inertia and a dedicated customer base who are ready to purchase rather than opt out.

Consumers also find subscriptions good enough if they buy a product and get to save money for the time-being. Subscriptions are used by support clubs and organizations for better service. Much of the software used by such clubs dwell on subscription based licenses.

An unlimited use subscription especially for software is advantageous for consumers. One who wants the service more than frequently, might find subscriptions to be tedious and costly. The commitment to opt for subscriptions might get more expensive whereas a single purchase might have done the trick.

Additionally, subscription models help in vendor lock-in, and consumers might refrain from paying after a point of time. Subscription models allow specific amount of information from customers which might also raise privacy concerns sometimes.

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The Best Trends about Web Application Development

Web application development is in huge demand today. There are several patterns of market visible today.

A web application includes software which runs on a web browser. The implications of using a web app are huge and trendy according to the current market trends. With the help of web apps, any type of business can refresh their business strategy and achieve success in the web.

With the help of web apps, most startups have been able to carry out business transactions in a simple and secure manner. Companies always try to promote web apps to promote their services. Those web apps go a long way to determine customer loyalty towards the company’s services. With the use of web application development, all types of companies mostly get what they deserve and usually work according to a strategic plan. A number of web apps have helped several companies to reach the zenith in their industry. Web application development helps businesses to gain the necessary competitive edge in their industry too.

With online businesses ruling the roost, web application development poses a fantastic opportunity for a variety of businesses. Web apps help businesses to run smoothly and help in marketing promotions and helps analysts and marketing managers to further strategize their business based on online results and marketing operations. Web apps in turn help in generating fantastic returns, profits and revenues.

Custom application development is in constant demand and the web apps are tailored to the needs of the company. There are companies which want their prospective customers to prefer a brand. They start by launching an online poll with the help of a powerful survey web app. The necessary information is then collected from the survey results and based upon them, the marketing strategy is decided. With custom web application development, the developers are required to automate definite parts of online business and focus on the core aspects of business processes.

The basic concept of web application development is based on web application design. Web application design is an integral aspect of web application development and takes care of many visual elements which render a distinct appeal on the overall theme and approach. It is important that the web app be as professional and appealing as well as engaging to the user.

In short, a web application needs to involve the user positively in creating profits from online business. The appeal is very important here. The concept is very important here to pull the audience and prospects. A web app designing company is the perfect vendor to develop web apps tailored for a company’s needs. Your business team will implement the web apps personally for your need.

The development company needs to complete ideal pre-requisites for qualifying as an independent entity. The company needs to have adept developers in place to complete a development project. The required skillsets for developing applications varies from project to project. The project also needs to be delivered on time and on budget but most importantly, they need to be without any bugs. Conclusively, web app development gets more productive and profitable depending on how one promotes their web apps to their customer base and get a meaningful experience from the developed apps.

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The pillars of Software as a Service and its relevance in today’s world

The advent of SaaS was not with much fanfare but slowly and gradually, it has made a mark in the IT world. It is slowly becoming indispensable with the cloud concepts taking charge.

SaaS was not taken seriously in early days but now it handles mission-critical projects. The model has come a long way from a unit silo to full-fledged enterprise applications including ERP in the cloud and the like.

The five pillars of SaaS integration reaffirm the importance of the concept

It is difficult to implement a fully integrated SaaS solution efficiently by any non-IT professional. The SaaS solution needs to include comprehensive master data records. Input of data becomes tedious even if there is much data to be stored. A professional who is adept in delivering the whole solution through SaaS can help.

Multiple skills are needed for completing different tasks. A sales professional browses through customer data remotely then he would need the guidance of an IT professional. Since the task might be repetitive the integration requires skilled developers and those conversant with cloud computing. Software professionals who are well versed with Oracle applications. This is where software professionals who are versatile enough come in handy.

Most organizations are facing shortage of resources, people, money, time, and even less financial resources for the perfect infrastructure. That is where SaaS comes into the picture. Vendors are always trying to fill in the gaps between the SaaS-IT relationships. All types of IT skill sets are good enough for third party application integration and cloud integration. Most of them want to implement steps for making easy to integrate IT applications.

The middleware must make sense of service calls on one end and database calls are handled on the other end. Connectivity to SaaS solution at the end point is important enough. The workflow should be in accordance with existing business rules and also depends on each operation. Correct information should be passed from one app to another.

The importance of SaaS is well known with a recent Gartner report stating that segments of the SaaS market is expected to grow tremendously for the next three years.

Gartner reported of an expected surge of 19.4% in CAGR of the SaaS market between the years 2009 to 2013 which has delighted various businesses. Additionally, many software companies have seen a drastic reduction in expenditure with regards to licensed software.

SaaS also includes Platform as a Service (PaaS) strategies which are preferred by many companies including Microsoft and IBM. PaaS has attracted a lot of users and in recent times the cloud computing market and new strategies have got new industries and organizations interested for better connectivity. According to a poll by ScienceLogic, the percentage of users is expected to go several notches higher, even triple in two years.

Security has been a major inhibitor for not adopting SaaS since a ‘locked-in’ scenario is a big detriment to the interests of several organizations while implementing SaaS. But once these problems are resolved, a considerable saving in expenditure is expected. With cloud computing in the Microsoft world in the form of Windows Azure, things are looking bright with major adoption in various Microsoft users in several fields.

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Why should one opt for bespoke SaaS application development?

SaaS providers are coming up in tandem and many companies are opting for SaaS web apps too. But is it worth it?

Here are some of the major disadvantages of on-premise software:

  • Waste of development talent in maintaining old versions

  • Waste of development talent in porting to multiple platforms

  • Multi-platform support constraints for innovation

  • Long release cycle times

  • Lack of intimacy with customers and user support

  • Customers don’t upgrade due to lack of awareness

SaaS providers are time and again creating support software-as-a-service development which can leverage existing Web services into enterprise-grade SaaS applications. It is easier to build and deploy SaaS apps from scratch. Additionally there are various providers who deliver specific functionality which is required for certain apps including CRM while some provide a comprehensive SaaS platform where one can make use of their apps online on a monthly rate.

SaaS web applications are easy to use and applicable for every business who wants to save on money related to IT infrastructure. They are easy to manage too and are quick to get up and start running. Custom apps can be hosted on a SaaS platform too and all types of apps can work and run seamlessly without worry. PaaS (platform-as-a-service) eliminates the need of installation, maintenance, and upgrades for the user making the whole process simple and easy. Developers can now focus on innovation and creation of apps without having to worry about the overall infrastructure. Here are some salient features of SaaS web apps and the platform:

  1. One size doesn’t have to fit all: SaaS apps can be tailor-made according to needs and hence can benefit diverse companies on grounds of superior ease of operations. It also helps in enhancing overall productivity thus delivering increased ROI. Traditional apps carry overheads related to licensing fees and maintenance. They even require technical support and comprehensive data security options. SaaS web applications serve a fantastic alternative to traditional applications.

  2. Enlarged offerings: There are vendors who provide complete SaaS based solutions and a platform for you to host web apps along with traditional applications. One does not have to switch to other vendors and make the most of the existing infrastructure and resources. The ISVs and HSPs can cater easily to budget tight companies by scaling the resources up and down.

  3. Trouble-free upgrades: SaaS application customization reduces functional complexities. All maintenance and upgrade troubles are responsibilities of the vendor. One does not have to worry about new software installations or even that the data should match the upgraded infrastructure. SaaS applications can easily upgraded any time.

  4. The future technology and approach: More and more industries are keen to use SaaS based solutions for a plethora of reasons. Low cost associated with hosting solutions and no upfront investment for IT infrastructure helps a lot of companies to save on costs. SaaS platforms boast of high data security, multi-tenancy, all this and much more which raises the bar of productivity due to anytime access of data through authentication. Such solutions also aid in quick strategy making and swift decisions. The right solution provider for SaaS app development is a must for making SaaS implementations work for any company.

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Have you planned Web application development strategy?

The changing trends in the IT sector have helped many companies to start capitalizing on the needs and boost profits. But as the truth stands, the best can survive.

The corporate IT organization has got up and going after the dot com bubble burst in 2000. Many companies had reduced their IT department staff to cut costs which was not going to work since automation was one of the prime reasons why companies could be profitable. By offshore software outsourcing and web development, companies opted to share their work with specialty providers who could work at reduced rates. The offshore web application development model has helped many clients as well as providers to work cost-effectively.

Developed countries are happy following the lucrative outsourcing policy although unemployment is on a high in those countries. Skilled technicians and developers are hired in the eastern world at reduced prices and a virtual infrastructure meets their requirements. The IT companies have cropped out of nowhere to make the most of the current scenario, especially in India and other Asian countries.

Many of the companies are always looking for experts in programming languages like .Net, Java or PHP who can easily create custom applications tailored to their business demands and needs. There has been a fantastic response from clients who are trying to upgrade their applications to .NET so that they can benefit from the new and improved features.

There are many offshore web application development companies which can assist in non-core tasks if the company belongs to another sector other than IT. There is a better chance that western companies prefer offshoring their tasks so that they get high quality at cost-effective prices. Hiring web developers at a full-time basis helps considerably on the financial front and hence there are many virtual workers who are hired to do non-core tasks for a company.

One needs to see that the shortlisted selections of providers should not be haphazard. The vendors in outsourcing destinations like India should be checked thoroughly for their background and other characteristics like communication skills and technical expertise. Good quality work and experience in the industry is crucial.

The web application development provider is required to be adept with the latest technologies. Expertise in open source technologies and CMS like Drupal and Magento is perfect too. To save time and effort, one can reutilize similar app code for swifter response time. Most web application developers have an inbuilt strategy to create standard web applications using the coding that they have already done for different modules for another client.

The eastern countries boast of a huge pool of talent who are hard-working and cost-effective compared to their western counterparts. Different types of companies and their different needs required different solutions but sometimes the base is the same. Offshore software development providers always strive to make an impression so that they are proved to be indispensable.

It is evident that offshore web application development can help out several companies across the world for profit-making. Here are the typical benefits:

  • One can concentrate on core business activities and outsource the non-core ones

  • Employ in-house staff for creating business applications

  • Use custom solutions which are tailored to typical requirements

  • Obtain independent analysis for each of the services provided by the vendor

  • Better ROI and reduced TCO

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